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[ICO REVIEW] What is Trias ? – When the expansion and security are no longer problems for blockchain

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In 4.0 technology industry, mobile phones, laptops and other digital devices are indispensable equipment of every single person. The invention of those devices and Internet has been changing people’ lives completely and helped human work more effectively. Through built-in apps in digital devices, human can reduce the cost and save labor force while working. However, human also face many problems of security when install these apps such as personal data loss, copied data, etc. Trias is born with the purpose of increasing trust on applications by controlling their operating process. Moreover, Trias can also expand the system and speed up the transaction.

  1. What is Trias?

Trias, a public blockchain, aims at solving two huge problems existing in current blockchain models, which are scalability and security. Trias targets at increasing level of trust on applications which are installed into personal devices and expanding the system through Trias Politica model, including 3 technologies: Leviatom, Prometh và Magcarta.

  1. The outstanding features of Trias technology

Trias will apply 3 technologies to build up its blockchain model:

Leviatom is a computing platform, providing Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) with the purpose of ensuring general-purpose software to execute their functions properly. Leviatom implements a Heterogeneous Consensus Graph (HCGraph) algorithm, which combines heterogeneous TEE technologies and graph computing algorithms (similar to Hashgraph or DAGs). TEE enables Leviatom to define quickly the malicious or bad-behaved nodes. Meanwhile, HCGraph’s gossip protocols significantly reduces the redundant TEE verifications, the security is highly guaranteed.

Prometh is developing framework, operating with the purpose of identifying the functions of software.  Thereby tracking their operating process on blockchain to ensure that this software functions properly.  Prometh will record the important information of a part of a software’s full life-cycle on blockchain, including stages of development, building, distribution, etc.  This information shows main characteristics of the software, then it is ensured that software is correctly executed.

MagCarta is a kind of smart contract in charge of evaluating the right and duty of computing power providers.  Through Magcarta, DApps can apply their own consensus strategy and ledger structure.

  1. Token sale

Currently, there is no official information about the token distribution mechanism of Trias, but the project informed that there will not have any crowdsale round. They are in seed round and preparing for private sale. For the seed round, Trias just receives the investment from venture funds, which is the first challenge for the project. However, if they receive the investment of many other funds, they will gain a lot of attention from community, as well as application and protocol built on this platform. 

In addition, Trias will implement bounty program and promise to spend a large of token to be the incentives for community.  Trias team have not released the official concept of bounty program; however, this is one of the ways to get attention of community, so it is hoped that Trias will succeed in this program.

  1. Roadmap

According to the roadmap provided by the whitepaper of the project, the idea of initiating Trias released in the Q1 of this year.  However, Trias will launch testnet in Q4 2018 and  mainnet in 2019 Q2. This is considered as a potential project with a quick progress.  Furthermore, on the official website Telegram, Mr. Anbang (CEO) announced that the result of testnet will be released at the beginning of August this year. This means that Trias is not only following their roadmap but they also speed up the progress.

  1. Communication channels

Telegram (10200+ members): https://t.me/triaslab

Twitter (700+ followers): https://twitter.com/triaslab

Github: https://github.com/trias-lab/Documentation

The official Telegram of Trias increases their members very quick in the past few days. However, the quality of the discussion in this group is not really dynamic. If Trias does not change their marketing strategy, it is highly possible that their reputation will be reduced compared to current period. 

Besides, Trias has a news called “Weekly Report”, this is seen as big creative point in the project. Through these images, videos and information, the community can catch the progress weekly. This is one point that other projects in the market cannot do. It also increases the level of trust of the community on the project team that they can implement the idea which is not just only the “whitepaper idea”.

  1. Founding team members

RUAN, Anbang (CEO & co - founder): Founder & CEO of Octa Innovations, Ph.D (Oxford), MSc (Peking University).  Former Research Associate in Trusted Cloud from the Oxford e-Research Center (OeRC). More than 10-years research experience in Trusted Computing, Trusted Cloud Platform, Cloud Computing Security và Virtualized Platform Security.

WEI Ming (CEO & co - founder): Co-founder & CTO of Octa Innovations, Ph.D (Peking University) Former China Aerospace Software R&D Center Senior Architect, and Siemens Academy Engineer.  Years of software development and management experience in cloud computing, AI, embedded projects, etc. 

HAO, Shuang (CMO): PR Director in Octa Innovations, Master of Media Management in HKBU Former frontline reporter in national media for major international news.

SUN, Jiahao (CSO): Chief AI Scientist of a well-known international bank located in London, graduated from Oxford University, majored in Computer Science, The AI elite certified by the British government. He is also a gold lecturer of AI and deep learning in online courses on NetEase, XiniuEdu, and JulyEdu

YIN, Zhaoming (Leviatom Core Developer): Alibaba senior engineer, Ph.D. in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology, MSc.  He has many years’ experience of graph computations and distributed systems at Oracle and Intel Research Institute in the Silicon Valley

GUO, Lin (Prometh Core Developer): Operation and maintenance director in Octa Innovations, senior operation and maintenance engineer of Didi ( an application that connect the drivers with users) and led the team to automate the release and testing of DevOps on more than 100 business projects. He has conducted in-depth research on service integrates with blockchain technologies such as BigchainDB, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and EOS.

LI, Fei (Prometh Core Developer): Operation and maintenance director in Octa Innovations, Former system architect in Feixin, led the communication project of overseas RCS mobile internet, designed the system and storage framework of the O2O platform. 

CHEN, Jian (Chinese Market Development): Marketing Director in Octa Innovations, used to work for NetEase (Video Game Company), 10 years of marketing experience.

The fouding team members of Trias have good foundation, up to 6 members are architects who have many years of experience in AI.  Moreover, this is the founding team of Octa Innovations (founded in 2017). This can speed up the progress of the Trias project, Octa Innovations is a company working in AI và this team worked together previously.  However, members in founding team of Trias lack of experiencing in building up the blockchain platform.

  1. Self - evaluation


The idea of the project is practical, that solving two big problems of current blockchain system which are scalability and security, attracting other protocols and applications built on this platform.

The founding team members of Trias have good foundation, up to 6 members are architects who have many years of experience in AI.

The roadmap of the project is quick and specific, especially, Trias took only 8 months to launch testnet of the system.  Compared to other projects building in this time, Trias make quicker progress.

Seed round of Trias just accepts the investment from venture funds. It shows that the founding team is very confident in their project to attract big investors.


Trias is planning to conduct their bounty program; however, if they do not have a well-prepared plan, they cannot catch the attention from the community, or the community will underestimate the token value and sell token immediately when Trias get listed.

By now, Trias has not updated the list of investment funds on official website.

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