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[ICO REVIEW] What is NOIA? A Decentralized Content Delivery Network For the New Internet

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With the goal of solving the problems in the data transmission of current networks such as speed of transmission line, Internet charges and network traffic, Noia wants to help network users watch high-quality videos and audios with fast download speeds and the least amount of data traffic through Noia nodes around the world.

1.What is Noia?

Whenever you want to watch videos online, your computer will have to send a request to the server that owns the content. For example, if you watch a video on Youtube, your computer must be connected to the server. The connection with such large distances will make video download speeds slow down and spend a lot of network traffic. Noia plans to put system nodes around the world which will be connected directly to the servers containing the data. Thus, when you want to watch videos, you just need to connect your computer to the nearest node of Noia to put a viewing order, instead of connecting to the remote server. This will allow users not only to download high-speed videos, but also to save a large amount of data access to the network.

2.Improvement in the technology

The structure of Noia is based on a combination of two elements: the Content Scaling Layer (CSL) and the Governance Layer (GL).

- CSL: The combination of peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology determine how information is transmitted in the system.

- P2P: uses a part of the Peer Exchange technology, Bittorrent (the protocol used to download large amounts of data without the cost of servers and network bandwidth), distributed hash tables (DHT - decentralized distributed systems which provides a lookup service similar to a hash table) and Websocket wire (this technology supports two-way communication between the client and the server that are connected to each other).

- AI: CSL uses proprietary algorithms and sample recognition methods (defining the characteristics of the sample content to determine which operations are appropriate) to handle requests (merge requests), save Content on the cache (smart memory), find out the fastest transmission and predict network traffic.

- GL: A set of smart contracts that helps to define the characteristics of the Noia token and control process of the token exchange between nodes and network users.

Tasks of nodes in the system:

- Execution of content expansion commands

- Load and save the content from the server to the cache

- Share content with other nodes in the system

- Share content with network users


Noia has conducted a demo network for several locations around the world, which is not the official testnet of Noia but also brought quite satisfactory results. There are more than 130 nodes registered worldwide with a capacity of about 300 gigabytes per node. In addition, the connection speed is 245 Mbps, nearly 10 times faster than the current fastest (in Korea with 28.6 Mbps).

Recently, Noia also has MVP results and promises to announce to the community as soon as possible.

4.Token sales

Soft cap: 4ml USD

Hard cap: 25ml USD

Pre-sale: April - May 2018

Public sale: 16/7/2018

Mechanism for increasing the value of the token:

- Network users in excess of network data  who register to become a node in the system will be rewarded with token amount.

- Those who want to watch videos through Noia's network nodes will have to pay a token for every 5GB of traffic (expected), and in the future when Noia mobilizes enough 25ml of USD hardcap, this number will be reduced to approximately $ 0.01 per 1GB data.

As a result, the bigger the number of subscribers becomes the node of Noia and the number of users who require  to watch videos are through Noia, the stronger the community is, the higher price of Noia’s token is.

Up to now, Noia informed that they have appealed to 4ml USD in total 25ml USD hard cap invested by the fund (which will be announced on the official website in the near future), in addition, they also negotiate with a large fund in New York.


The project has completed MVP in the first quarter of 2018 and is now only reporting results to private investors, Noia's team promises to announce MVP of the project soon  on the website. In July, the project will start selling crowd sale, and at the same time, the testnet of the project will be completed. This is a big step forwards in the project plan, which helps the project to scale up its ecosystem. In addition, the project has a vision of development within 3 years since the creation of the mainnet, which is also a bright spot for the project, creating a great deal of investor confidence in the long-term sustainability of the project.

6.Communication channels

Telegram (9700+ members): https://t.me/NoiaNetwork

Twitter (500+ followers): https://twitter.com/NoiaNetwork

Youtube (300+ subscribers): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChCZuura_kvQog6uiRDPu3g

Medium: https://medium.com/noia

Facebook (6000+ likes): https://www.facebook.com/NOIANetwork/

Lever HYPE of projects until the present time is not high, although the interaction with the community on Channel Telegram is pretty good but has not yet attracted the attention of many people.

7.Development team

  • Technical team

Domas Povilauskas (co-founder): co-founder of Tellq (project telephone operator for small and medium enterprises), graduated from ISM University of Management and Economics, major in economics, director of development project.

Kipras Kazlauskas (co-founder): co-founder of ReHobby (P2P market where second-hand equipment is sold), angel investor for Moerie (hair care products) and Tellq, graduated from Rīgas Ekonomikas augstskola - Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, major in economics, director of investment and law for the project.

Domantas Jaskunas (co-founders): financial consultant of Gaotime (integrated service solution supplier), graduated from Lancaster University and the University of Kentucky, major in economics, marketing and HR director of the project.

Justinas Valutavicius (co-founder): technical chief of Tellq, developer of GPS tracking systems for trucks.

Jonas Simanavicius (CTO): CTO of Clouder (online videocassette), technical analyst for JPMorgan Chase & Co (financial solutions provider), graduated from Edinburgh Technical College, major in software engineering.

  • Consultant team

Jim Robinson: director of Pull Market, Ltd, a venture capital firm for start-up projects, works in Silicon Valley's search facility, advising on projects such as Wipster, Ltd (professional video implementation platform), TranscribeMe, Inc. (a company that converts voice into text), ...

Francesco Altomare (technical consultant): technical engineer of Akamai Technologies (Large Cloud Distribution Platform), Technical Support Engineer for IBM

Anatoly Ressin: Director of Blockvis (blockchain project for education), consultant for many blockchain projects such as carVertical (development of economic models, codes, data), Birdchain (idea similar to carVertical).



According to Kipras (co-founder of the project), the current project has no direct competitor in the field of content distribution networks (CDN), only a few competitors have the same ideas as video coin. This is a rival with no breakthroughs in the applied technology, but in comparison with other ideas under development in the form of focus, Noia represents a great superiority.

On Noia's official Telegram channel, Dormas (co-founder) announced that Noia and NKN will cooperate in the future (NKN - 56ml - blockchain project towards the redevelopment of Internet open, decentralized, safe, secure, shared and owned by the community). If this is the case, this information will not only help Noia expand its community network but also help investors gain more confidence in the success of the project.

The project calls for investment funds such as Antikythera Capital (Invests Capital of ICO Projects) and Invictus Capital (established in 2008) ...

The project has a long-term vision of development in three years after launching the mainnet and spends 25% of mobilized capital on future development. In comparison with other unlisted ICO projects, Noia has added a plus point  in the eyes of potential investors.


In comparison with the projects ICO at the moment, Noia's hardcap is quite highly rated. This will make investors hesitate about the profitability of the project.

Currently, users around the world can access and watch free videos on some big sites like Youtube or Vimeo with fast download speeds. Therefore, the need to buy Noia's tokens for faster transmission than the current is not really necessary. Although the Noia team has analyzed the number of users who want to watch videos online, it will grow rapidly until 2022, but at that time, there may be other projects with similar goals and potential ones. Applying technology is superior to Noia.

According to the project's whitepaper, 40% of the funds are spent on network expansion, which is also a significant proportion of ICO projects, as most projects use a large amount of capital to invest in technology for project development in the future.

Despite 40% of the project's capital for marketing, the hype of the project is inversely proportional to this percentage. The interest level of the user in the project is not high, which will make the number of subscribers become difficult to achieve the target set by the project team.

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