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[ICO REVIEW] – What is Tolar HashNET Token? The super-fast blockchain technology

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1. Ideas of technology

This token uses the new blockchain called HashNET. HashNet is a scalable, fast, secure and equally distributed project.

Tolar creates an ecosystem that included:

  • Founder
  • Technical Team
  • Management Team
  • Avisory Team

Main and distinct features

Fast data processing capability: HashNet is built based on a distributed ledger structure and a proof of stake algorithm. HashNET has inherited the outstanding points of blockchain technology while increasing its transaction processing capacity to more than 200,000 transactions per second, which is much higher than other blockchain projects such as bitcoin with the ability to process only seven transactions per second.

HashNET provides a new solution to the computational and interoperability difficulties of maintaining distributed ledgers with large size. The most prominent feature of HashNET is the asynchronous distributed consensus protocol that is built on a basis of the direct cycle network structure. The consensus protocol  of HashNET is a spread protocol. This creates benefits when using a structured group communication algorithm which is illustrated when it can handle the large amount of data, discrete sources, great fluctuations of users, and random network errors.

HashNET uses Proof-of-Stake Mechanism with Masternodes: It can save a large amount of energy usage.


2. Team

Foundation team

Josip Maricevic - co-founder and technical director:  has researched blockchain and related synchronous algorithms for two years; is a strategic developer for the blocknet protocol; has over 6.2 years experience and is expert in developing IOS; has 6 months of experience in developing blocknet.

Drazen - President: is  the president of Blockchain Adria, the most prominent blockchain conference and association in Southeastern Europe, as well as a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. He is the president of the COTRUGLI Fund, focusing on organizing and leading major humanitarian projects; Drazen is also the principal of COTRUGLI Business School which is the leading business school in Southeastern Europe. He helped develop the world's first Blockchain MBA program and certified the Blockchain Developer program.

Zoran Đorđević - Member: is one of the pioneers in introducing Blockchain technology into the MBA program, contributes to the establishment of Blockchain Academy; has 13 years and 6 months as a program director and 6 years as a manager and program director at COTRUGLI Business.

Dr. Terence- Member: Associate Professor of Finance at ESCP Europe Bunbury's London campus. He is co-founder of Nexus FrontierTech which is an artificial intelligence studio. Terence is Director of Competitiveness Research at i7 Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness.

Sasa Pekec, PhD (no public information available).

Alan Kuresevic - member: vice president, engineer at SES - the world's leading satellite operator and the first firm offering GEO-MEO which is a distinct and scalable worldwide, with over 50 satellites in Earth Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and 12 in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO).

Jeffrey Treichel - member: business leader with more than 12 years of experience and expertise in developing and rapidly operating business models and branding strategies.

Marko Kučić - Member: years of experience in management, focusing on business development, sales, marketing and operations with 15.5 years of experience in business development.


Tech team

Mario Vojvoda - Director of Technology: General Manager, strong technical knowledge in the field of information technology and telecommunications, corporate finance with more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

Martin Žagar – Science: has won the EMBA title from Cotrugli Business School, PhD in computer science from UNIZG in February 2016.

Srđan Maksimović - IT developer (no public information available).

Kristijan Rebernisak - IT developer: co-founder of RunningBeta which is a company that builds applications that cannot be prevented to run on open standards, taking advantages of the power of Ethereum.

Vedran Novoselac - IT developer: has 1.9 years of experience in profound security component of a security-oriented platform which primarily exchanges with Java and C ++ code in a powerful multiplatform development environment. It targets iOS, Android and Windows.

Vinko Bradvica - IT developer: has experience in system design, product design, project and technical management and three years of experience in software design for Phone App.

Igor Jerkovic - Core developer: has experience in hardware and experience in running IOs; has six years experience in working for Facebook as an IOs engineer in the video team.

Sandi Fatić- Core developer: has less than 0.5 years experience in consulting, 1 year as chief technology officer.

HashNet Bizz

Bojan Hadzisejdic - director of business development.

Neda Zajko - Marketing Director.

Antonio Lupieri - SEO Developer.

Ljiljana Babic - manager.

Gordana Spisic - manager.

Aco Momcilovic - HR.

Isidora Vazic - community manager.

Dorijan Palic - design.


Manuel A. Alonso Coto, PhD - has 40 years of experience in marketing.

Valerio Opacic has experience in the construction of enterprise systems on a global scope, focusing primarily on computer platforms and primary systems such as compliance, directory, security, platform and applications; has nearly 18 years of experience in working with Mc.Donald.v

Peter Merc, Ph.D. – advisor of law for ICO projects.

Partnership has not been published yet


3. Roadmap


4. Product

Once HashNET is built, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) application will be developed. EVM is a virtual machine designed specifically to run untrusted code in a computer network. Each transaction is carried out on a system that modifies state maintained in the Merkle Patricia tree. This data structure allows testing easily if a given transaction is actually registered on the VM and are able to minimize the entire state to one hash (merkle root). After creating EVM, smart contracts and dapps will be built.


5. Communities

Twitter: 1601 followers.

Telegram: 14318 members ( rapidly increasing)

Facebook: 1006 likes.

Linkedin: 194 followers.


6. Token Allocation, Sale Policy

Ticker: TOL

Type of Token: ERC20

Token private sale: 21/05/2018

Token sale: August (no specific date yet).

Total tokens: 1,000,000,000

Private-Sale token price: 0.094017 USD

Pre-ICO token price: $ 0.102564

Public token ICO price: $ 0.112821

The minimum investment 1ETH

Hardcap: 45.000 ETH


Whitelist: TBA

Approval in transaction: ETH, BTC, FIAT

Token allocation

  • 35% for Investors (21.0% for private sale, 5.25% for pre-ICO and 8.75% for Public ICO)
  • 20% for Founder
  • 32% for TOLAR Development Fond
  • 8% for Proof of Stake Network Start Nodes
  • 2.5% for Development Team
  • 2.5% for Advisory Team

Vesting policy

  • Team Token will be locked in 24 months after the ICO.
  • Private sale bonus will be locked in 3 months after the presale.
  • The unsold Token will be burned


7. Contact information

Website: https://tolar.io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TolarHashNET/

Whitepaper: https://tolar.io/wp -content/uploads/2018/04/HashNET_whitepaper_v03.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/TolarHashNET

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TolarHashNET




  • HashNet is a new blockchain that is almost much more dominant than the old blockchain. Especially with its extremely fast processing power and very low power consumption, as well as being able to run as a full node on a phone, HashNet can become a potential blockchain in the future if it is successful implemented.

    • Crowded team (30 members) have extensive experience in researching, establishing companies in technology, economics, marketing. All will contribute to support the development of the project.
    • Organizational structure, clear roadmap.
    • Being able to run on a mobile phone means that the project can be widely used.
    • Good community management and support.
    • Low hardcap in the current market (45000Eth ~ 12,5 million dollars). Unsold tokens will be burned might make the hardcap even lower. 
    • Having prototype reaches to 150.000 transaction/ second



    • Although Website is clear, information about some members in team are unclear.
    • Technic members only have Josip Maricevic with blockchain experience, other members have no experience building blockchain. This is a project that exceeds other blockchain projects so the IT team will need to be strong enough to contribute to turn the project into reality. However, this does not seem to be the strength of the tech team.












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