*DISCLAIMER: ALL of the information is our subjective opinion and only for informational purposes. The information ICOgens provides is not investment advice (read more)

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions


All the information (on icogens.com) including tokens sales, “interest level”, ROI rate, hype rate, risk rate are our subjective opinion and only for informational and educational purposes. The information ICO Gens provides is not an investment advice.

We do not hold any responsibilities for your investment decisions. Icogens.com visitors have to “do your own research” before making any investment decisions.

ICO submission:

ICO submission is always free of charge. We do not solicit or require any fees for listing and updating information about any ICO projects.

ICO projects which are published on icogens.com will be reviewed and rated carefully by icogens’ team, to make sure all the reviews are honest, transparent and objective.


For advertising, please contact contact@icogens.com. Note that we will not provide any advertising services before doing our own reviews and all of projects which are asked for advertising will be marked as “Sponsored”.

Intellectual Property and Copyright:

All of the published content is our own intellectual Property. If you believe your intellectual property is taken, please contact our support team.


We reserve the right to continuously update information, correct errors, and inaccuracies, add omissions at any time, as it is to complete our informational and educational content for our visitors!

More Information 

For more information on the position of the SEC and other regulatory authorities, please examine the following statements :

These links are given by way of example, please make sure you understand the regulatory and legal authority in your particular jurisdiction.


We reserve the right to change Terms and Conditions whenever needed.

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